How To Tie a Tommy Loop Knot


The best fishing slip knots are the easiest, strongest, and most versatile. If a line knot can tick all those boxes, then what else do you need? We like to think that the tommy loop knot is above average in all those areas, so here’s a quick tutorial to explain exactly how to tie this legendary knot.

Steps to Tie A Tommy Loop Knot:

  1. Place the line through the back of your hook.
  2. Use your thumb to hold the line in place.
  3. Wrap the line around your thumb TWICE.
  4. Pull the loop off your thumb.
  5. Thread the line through the back of the loop.
  6. The knot should open into a figure 8 and close as you tighten it.
  7. Thread the line underneath through the back.
  8. Pull down and the knot will all come together.
  9. Cut off the loose end. 

Here is a handy video tutorial on how to tie a tommy loop knot:

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