How to Get Sponsored

Every angler worth their salt thinks about how to get sponsored at some point, and fishing sponsors are out there waiting for their payday too.


Fishing sponsorships are based on influence, and that influence comes through media. Social media is the most common way to generate a follow and influence, but chances are your current social media accounts are filled with little personal styles and comments.

It’s time to separate and scrub your social media. Get rid of all the old comments and images that are unflattering, and become focused on your business ventures. Think of all your channels as opportunities. Have fun with it, but make sure it is also brand-friendly. You won’t have to struggle with how to get sponsored if you’re having good, clean fun.


You have probably spent lots of your hard earned fishing money on high quality fishing clothes, fishing hats and fishing sunglasses, but how much have you spent on your business venture?

Look into a quality laptop, a high-quality camera for videos and images. You should get involved with some social media tools, like Sprout or Hootsuite. Spend as much time and money and effort on your branding and business gear as you do on your fishing gear. That’s a fast track answer regarding how to get sponsored in the fishing world.


Now that you’ve got the gear, you have to get good at using it. There are simple tricks to framing images and editing tips for videos that are easy to find online. Take some time once a week to immerse yourself into to the world of social media.

Learn about insights, when to post, how often to post, and what to say. Figure out which hashtags work, and which ones don’t, and build your knowledge base. The smartest and hardest working anglers know that this is how to get sponsored.

Don’t know where to start? The best place to start is to by looking at others just like you. Follow sponsored fisherman on Instagram and Facebook and imitate some of their most popular posts.


Entrench yourself in your industry and get to know the players. You’ll notice that you’ll begin to see the same people at events, shows, and tournaments – every industry is actually a small world.

Build your confidence by making connections at these events and getting to know everyone on a personal level. The time you spend networking is cumulative and it compounds.


Its easy to forget, especially when you are first trying to get sponsored, that this relationship is mutually beneficial. You provide value, and they should as well. Always weigh the pros and cons. It also makes sense to reevaluate your relationship from time to time. Don’t get stuck in a one side sponsorship, and always keep your options open.

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