Fishing Frogs

Bassmaster World Record holder Dean Rojas understands largemouth bass. Through 20 years of experience on the Bassmaster circuit, topwater baits have accounted for much of his success, eventually inspiring him to create one of his own 12 years ago - the Spro Bronze Eye Frog.

“It doesn’t stop with largemouth bass, other species like pike and smallmouth will whack the frog as well,” states Rojas. “The unique action is due to the original hollow belly with two upturned hooks off the back to make it weedless.”

The key to fishing any frog bait with success is in the set up. Rojas expounds on the techniques to utilize the bait. “There are four ways to use it - blooping, spitting, popping and a silent wobble. Throw it anywhere you can find cover, with more traditional uses around grassbeds, reeds, matted vegetation.” Rojas will work a shoreline by drifting along it, sometimes deploying a drift paddle to stay the proper distance from the area he’s working, while maintaining the optimal casting angle.

When people think of topwater frogs, usually wild splashing and chugging comes to mind, but under the right circumstances, Rojas prefers to sit outside a structure spot to work it slow in a more methodical presentation. “I’ll wobble a frog in and around standing reeds, fallen trees and walk it through the structure, not popping it but maneuvering it through the pieces. The key is to hit tight spots in the little pocket areas where fish are waiting and convince a bass to come out and strike.” Rojas will sink a Power Pole down in order to maintain a steady casting platform to make more accurate casts.

Of course, there are times to make a frog dance. “Use frogs with a lot of commotion, spitting and popping it around grass beds and vertical standing structure like piers, pilings and seawalls,” said Rojas. “Those spots are where bait gets trapped and fish are more apt to pin them and push them up to the surface. The splashing and chugging is more appropriate to implement then to mimic flushing bait.”

Take some of Rojas recommendations, mastering all the techniques in frogging, knowing when, how and where to throw them, and you’ll be a bonafide Frogmaster.

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