5 Of Our Favorite Fishing Locals


No angler’s life is complete without a visit to the Florida Keys, an area where you can fish off of shallow coral reefs or go deep for saltwater trophies like sailfish and tuna. Visit this location, especially the fishing town of Key West, and you’re nearly guaranteed great weather and the opportunity to catch some of the most interesting creatures in the water. From the flats to the reefs to the deep ledges, there is something for any angler to experience.


Minnesota is a treasure-trove for anglers, and resting at the top of this state is a 300,000-acre body of water accurately called Lake of the Woods. Minnesota and the Canadian provinces, Manitoba and Ontario, border this lake. You can fill your live-well with delicious walleye, go for a trophy pike, or cast a line for smallmouth bass, yellow perch, black crappie, and many other species. The area has hundreds of welcoming resorts as well as some of the most gorgeous wilderness in North America.


If you’re looking for a fishing trip that you can call “epic,” Prince of Wales Island, on the southern panhandle of Alaska, should be one of your top choices. This area gives you the chance to fish in open seas that are teeming with life, including Pacific salmon, halibut, Pacific cod, rockfish, and more. If the fish aren’t biting (which is unlikely) Prince of Wales Island also offers breath-taking topography, with steep hills and mountains surrounded by pristine seas. The natural scenery alone is worth the trip.


If you want the feeling of remoteness without leaving the Lower 48, you can’t get much better than Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Consider this: The “U.P.” has almost 30% of Michigan’s landmass, but only 3% of its population. If it were a stand-alone state, only 6 other states would have a lower population density. Anglers will find plenty of lakes to get away from the crowds, as well as plenty of resorts. You can also choose between three Great Lakes, Lake Superior to the north, Lake Michigan to the south, and Lake Huron on the southeast tip. It’s a haven for anglers of all types, as well as a great place to take your family on vacation.


For anglers looking for a unique experience in a fantastic setting, visit the vibrant area of New Orleans and the Louisiana Bayou. You’ll be able to target fighting fish by day and enjoy the energizing night life of Bourbon Street by night. Anglers looking for great fishing will be able to target redfish, catfish, bass, and more. It’s a delightful location and one of the many areas that every angler needs to experience first-hand.



Just bought one thanks for the Tips.


Just bought one thanks for the Tips.

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